2019-05-16 gotty[LIB-4] Output of results to console master
2019-05-16 gotty[LIB-4] Transition to typed properties
2019-05-16 gotty[LIB-4] Change using Java version
2019-03-26 gotty[LIB-4] Add description for pom.xml and gitignore,...
2019-01-08 gotty[LIB-4] Extend copyright for 2019 year
2019-01-07 gotty[LIB-4] Change maven structure in pom.xml
2016-07-01 gotty[LIB-4] Add hespiff source files
2015-11-28 gotty[LIB-4] Rename trunk
2015-11-28 gotty[LIB-4] Create hespiff project structure