2019-11-23 gotty[LIB-10] Correct RequestParams for Event Rounds and... master
2019-11-23 gotty[LIB-10] Tests for SnookerDateUtils
2019-11-23 gotty[LIB-10] Tests for Requesters
2019-11-22 gotty[LIB-10] WorldSnooker URL utils
2019-11-22 gotty[LIB-10] Incorrectly serialized UTF characters
2019-11-22 gotty[LIB-10] SerialVersionUID for Serializable classes
2019-11-20 gotty[LIB-10] Date and Timezone format constants from snooke...
2019-11-20 gotty[LIB-10] Change snooker-score-api settings to 1.0-SNAPSHOT
2019-11-20 gotty[LIB-10] –°orrect some site data
2019-11-15 gotty[LIB-8] Release snooker-score-api-0.2
2019-11-14 gotty[LIB-8] Modify URL entity annotation functionality
2019-11-07 gotty[LIB-8] Update Copyright
2019-11-07 gotty[LIB-8] New entities fields tests
2019-11-07 gotty[LIB-8] URL and HTML tag processing, new entities fields
2019-11-05 gotty[LIB-8] Console output, properties, date utils
2019-09-18 gotty[LIB-8] Add Tests for Event Rounds and Seedings functional
2019-09-18 gotty[LIB-8] Add Event Rounds and Seedings functional
2017-07-12 gotty[LIB-8] Add EventFormat to the Event entity
2017-07-04 gotty[LIB-8] Add header X-Requested-By to HTTP requests
2017-07-04 gotty[LIB-8] Change Amateur name in PlayerCategory
2017-07-04 gotty[LIB-8] Add site links to portal
2017-07-04 gotty[LIB-8] Add MoneySeedings ranking type
2017-06-02 gotty[LIB-5] Correct some urls
2017-06-02 gotty[LIB-5] Delete sample.txt
2017-06-02 gotty[LIB-5] Site sources of snooker-score-api
2017-06-02 gotty[LIB-5] Inheritance from lib-parent pom
2017-01-24 gotty[LIB-5] Change tests serialize
2017-01-24 gotty[LIB-5] Collection empty objects,reporting and serializable
2017-01-21 gotty[LIB-2] Add snooker-score-api POM file
2017-01-21 gotty[LIB-2] Add snooker-score-api source files
2017-01-21 gotty[LIB-2] Rename project to snooker-score-api
2015-11-04 gotty[LIB-2] Create snooker-score-parser directory structure...