2020-01-25 gotty[LIB-9] Modify ChessQRCodeWriterTest core dbetude master qrcode
2020-01-25 gotty[LIB-9] merge to graphics: Set of entities for PGN...
2020-01-24 gotty[LIB-9] Set of entities for PGN parsing and formatting
2020-01-22 gotty[LIB-9] Update current year in project files
2019-05-16 gotty[LIB-9] Console output: stylistic changes
2019-05-16 gotty[LIB-9] Add description for pom.xml and gitignore,...
2019-04-29 gotty[LIB-9] Output of application results to console
2019-04-29 gotty[LIB-9] Add ability to archive qrcode content
2019-04-27 gotty[LIB-9] Add functional for transcoding vector images
2019-04-23 gotty[LIB-9] Fix name of chesshog-dbetude module
2019-04-23 gotty[LIB-9] Separate chesshog-graphics module
2019-04-19 gotty[LIB-9] Fix some pom.xml dependencies
2019-04-19 gotty[LIB-9] Fix some class dependencies between modules
2019-04-19 gotty[LIB-9] Separate chesshog-core module
2019-04-19 gotty[LIB-9] Separate chesshog-format module
2019-04-19 gotty[LIB-9] Separate chesshog-hedgefish module
2019-04-19 gotty[LIB-9] Delete garbage
2019-04-19 gotty[LIB-9] Separate chesshog-uci module
2019-04-19 gotty[LIB-9] Add chesshog-qrcode module
2019-04-19 gotty[LIB-9] Rename chesshog-dbetude module
2019-04-19 gotty[LIB-9] Add functional for build image chess diagrams
2019-04-19 gotty[LIB-9] Fix error in toString() function of exceptions
2018-12-20 gotty[LIB-9] Chessboard squares sorting
2018-12-20 gotty[LIB-9] Implementation SPI for services, managers and...
2018-12-20 gotty[LIB-9] Some domain classes improvements
2018-12-20 gotty[LIB-9] Common interface for all adapters
2018-12-20 gotty[LIB-9] Environment and persistence functionality
2018-12-15 gotty[LIB-9] Add original chesshog-db-etude source files
2018-12-07 gotty[LIB-9] Replace engine sending commands via transmitter
2018-12-07 gotty[LIB-9] Add original chesshog source files