descriptionHedgecode ChessHog Scanner
ownerDmitry Samoshin
last changeWed, 22 Jan 2020 02:04:59 +0000 (05:04 +0300)
2020-01-22 gotty[LIB-13] Locale resource settings master pgn
2020-01-20 gotty[LIB-13] Add 2700chess scanner
2020-01-20 gotty[LIB-13] Several options for working through a proxy...
2020-01-20 gotty[LIB-13] Functional for working with strings moved...
2020-01-18 gotty[LIB-13] Rename some common classes
2020-01-18 gotty[LIB-13] Stub scanners for some portals
2020-01-18 gotty[LIB-13] Package restructuring
2020-01-17 gotty[LIB-13] Method scanUrl implementation for several...
2020-01-17 gotty[LIB-13] Lichess format entities for JSON parsing
2020-01-17 gotty[LIB-13] Add PGN format classes
2020-01-15 gotty[LIB-13] Lazy scanners init, scan by URL and rename...
2020-01-15 gotty[LIB-13] Override access to static constants
2020-01-15 gotty[LIB-13] Add chessbomb scanner
2020-01-15 gotty[LIB-13] Add function to Scanner API
2020-01-15 gotty[LIB-13] Add new scanner settings
2020-01-15 gotty[LIB-13] Tournament and game formats for JSON parsing
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